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Thanks for visiting this home for a caring neighbor and for a moment of your thoughtful attention! Look around at the wonderful world surrounding you! It is the work of many neighbors, most of whom you have never met, seen or even heard of.

The Caring Neighbor Foundation (CNF) is a gathering of neighbors like you seeking to appreciate the countless neighbors past, present and to come who behind the scene have enrich our lives; at the same time, we reach out with a helping hand to neighbors in need. Be our guest by taking a tour through this cyber home designed for you a caring neighbor working together with other neighbors to create a better world for yourself, your family and for us all.

The seven sliding panels (above) give a sense of what we mean by a caring neighbor. Open the pages cited below the panels to learn about the CNF and about its beginnings as a neighbor-centered endeavor; view a list of board members, what we are doing to extend a helping hand to hurting neighbors, how to contact us, and recent news about CNF activities.

On one page we focus on our goal to draw neighbors together to discover what a treasure each neighbor is when we take the time to search and listen. Another page presents our educational strategy to help students learn how to care in hope of laying the foundation for the caring community of the future that makes life worth living.

We are anxious to work with anyone who strives to extend care where needed. The community resource page directs your attention to a host of ongoing caring projects, especially to the 2.1.1. Program. We invite you to join in by uniting your efforts with ours by doing one or more of the following: help form a network of caring neighbors, take note of the fruits of caring activities, learn more about what caring neighbor means in depth, print out a checklist on how to be more caring, submit a grant request aimed at drawing neighbors together, celebrate the Caring Neighbor Day on the last Sunday in September in your area, initiate a joint caring neighbor endeavor in your neighborhood, join us in our annual golf outing to benefit those in need.

Finally, we invite you to dwell on words to the wise that came from caring neighbors of years past. Their wisdom can live on in you. Enjoy your tour! Please let us hear from you!



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