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Although the Caring Neighbor Foundation (CNF) was not officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency until 2006, its beginnings date back over fifty years in social research, trial and error. The CNF sees its origin arising from the fact that Americans, a country of huge diversity, have always been at the core a caring people.

We have given the world life-altering technology, but the greatness of America is in its ability to care. More than a hundred years ago, we fought one of the bloodiest civil wars in history, at first, to preserve unity among us, but, in the end, to preserve the worth and dignity of our individual neighbor regardless of racial origin.

The CNF seeks to call from Americans the renewed commitment to caring about neighbor that is the bedrock upon which our nation is built. No one in America needs to go hungry, alienated or homeless. The Foundation seeks to realize in some small way the vision of equality, life, liberty and happiness our country and world longs to achieve.

To turn this dream into reality, the Foundation has developed two key social action tools: CARING NEIGHBOR ROUNDTABLE (click here) to draw neighbors together, and PROJECT CARING NEIGHBOR (click here) for schools to educate the next generation about the caring upon which our prosperity rests.



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