211 Program

Times are tough. More Michigan residents than ever need help with everything from food to house payments to medical bills.

One number is all they need to call. 211.

211 is the free, easy to remember and confidential telephone number that links people with the human services they need. Any time of the day or night, trained professionals are ready to help.

211 Can Help With…
Food, Rent, Utilities, Prescriptions, Home Rehabilitation, Home Repair, Emergency Shelter, Diapers, Legal Aide, Transportation, Hearing/Visual Aides, Clothing, Health Insurance, Substance Abuse, Household Goods, Donations, Support Groups, Literacy, Dental Care, Medical Care, Child Care, Car Seats, Public Assistance, and much more.

The CNF seeks to expand the 211 Program until it includes the entire country.

Call 211Search 2-1-1 database, allowing you to get help & give help online. Click Here

Central Michigan 211Central Michigan 211 Program. Click Here

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