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                        Abrahamic Caring-Neighbor Roundtable

The Niagara Foundation and The Caring Neighbor Foundation have teamed up to organize ‘roundtables’ of Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers to foster caring and to encourage sharing the richness of a common Abrahamic faith.  

The visionary faith of Abraham dating back 4000 years led to the birth of religion which developed beliefs along three major branches, namely, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Central to all three branches is the need to be a caring neighbor as a basis for religion/relationship to grow and prosper.

 Through modern growth in travel and communication technology, our world has become a global village paralyzed increasingly by distrust, fear and conflict. Like it or not, we are now all neighbors although mentally still a world apart. The role of Abrahamic religion today is to build bridges via roundtable meetings based not only on the common value of caring for one another as a ‘neighbor’ with varied beliefs but also as the only path to a stable and peaceful world.

A roundtable is to be made up of about twelve adults to foster person-to-person caring and to insure that each person is heard.  Ideally, four individuals from each tradition make up a roundtable. Each of the members selects a topic/issue for discussion for one of the monthly meetings extending for one year. Where possible, meetings in homes will create the best atmosphere for dialogue.

This roundtable ‘exercise’ is open to all. Those wishing to nurture a culture of caring and expand understanding among neighbors may go to or Please state the tradition you are from. When enough interest is expressed in a given area the interested parties will be contacted to join together in a roundtable in the locality.


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Our primary goal is to create at least one gathering of neighbors as a Caring Neighbor Roundtable (CNR) in every nine digit zip code area. Gathering as neighbors implies setting aside all differences including race, gender, age, political/religious persuasions, income and social standing.

A CNR symbolizes at a micro level the gathering of the whole community that thrives only when there is respectful and creative interaction among those making up a particular community. The influence of a CNR in the general community is likened to a bit of yeast in a lump of dough.

Create a CNR and connect with others. A CNR network has the potential of forging a consciousness of a world community to stay abreast of the exploding communication technology. The underlying purpose of such a network is the discovery that we have more to gain from each other than to lose.

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