Caring Neighbor Day

The intent of a special Caring Neighbor Day is to encourage individuals to break out of their routine and comfort zone to connect, at least in some small way, with a neighbor. The effort may be as simple as checking on the welfare of an elderly widow living down the block, or a little extra tip and thanks to the one who served your dinner. Individuals and groups can celebrate the occasion in their own imaginative ways.

We look to the day when all the neighbors of America will join in to proclaim a national Caring Neighbor Day to tell the world we value each other more than all we possess.

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Grand Ledge Caring Neighbor Day Proclamation

In 2008 the Mayor of Grand Ledge, MI, Kalmin Smith, together with the City Council, proclaimed a CARING NEIGHBOR DAY for Grand Ledge in September of that year.

Address by Mayor Kalmin Smith

Address given by Mayor Kalmin Smith on the occasion of the first celebration of Caring Neighbor Day in Grand Ledge.

Eaton County Caring Neighbor Day Proclamation

In 2009 the Eaton County Board of Commissioners, following the lead of Grand Ledge, proclaimed a Caring Neighbor Day in September for all of Eaton County.

Michigan Caring Neighbor Day Proclamation

The following year the Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, proclaimed that the last Sunday of September would be set aside as a Caring Neighbor Day for all of the State of Michigan.

Letter to Governor Jennifer Granholm

A letter of thanks to the Governor from Caring Neighbors of Michigan.

Important Alert!

Please contact local, state and/or federal authorities to take action in proclaiming a Caring Neighbor Day for the respective jurisdiction. Then contact a local group, or form one yourself, to plan a special celebration following the Proclamation. Find an activity for the celebration that draws neighbors together – the more imaginative the better.

An ideal time for celebrating a Caring Neighbor Day is the last Sunday of September as people have returned from vacation and school has started. Schools are a community wide endeavor and thus form a good basis for community interaction.

Please let us know about a Caring Neighbor Day in your area and we will post it on our website. When enough join in we can build the momentum for a national and, in good time, a world Caring Neighbor Day Proclamation. Maybe wars can stop for one day, as they did in the Middle Ages, to allow us one day to recognize the common humanity we share with our neighbor.

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