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Being a neighbor implies willingness to be a leader. A Caring Neighbor Roundtable (CNR) begins simply by some one like you deciding to reach out beyond your comfort zone to engage another as a neighbor. Don’t go for the numbers as it takes only two to form a CNR – begin and the inclusiveness implied in being a caring neighbor will attract others. When the number reaches twelve, it is time to begin a network of two gatherings because communication in a gathering beyond twelve becomes increasingly shallow and devoid of personal growth potential.

We invite you to register the coordinator of your gathering and, if
desired, list the names of other neighbors in your CNR.  By registering,
others will be able to contact you to either join in or to seek advice in
starting or improving their CNR.

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Your donation is tax deductible and therefore all
Americans join with you in your kind generosity.

For your information, the Caring Neighbor Foundation is a
501(c)(3) non-profit agency with a tax exempt number: 17053229018006.

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