Connecting The Dots

Map to a Buried Treasure
by Richard Currier Ph.D.

History is but a long struggle to find self. This book focuses squarely on self-discovery as the cutting edge driving human evolution from the very beginning.

About the Book

The goal of this book is to make You aware that you are a treasure beyond your wildest dreams. To accomplish this goal, the book draws heavily on the modern social sciences and sorts through history as a struggle toward selfhood. The seven chapters of this book mark the path through a series of seven dots/points that clue you in on the search. These chapters aim for clear thinking around seven pivotal issues: imaging, self, otherness, God, neighbor, gathering and end-time. All seven dots are interconnected and each is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

In the course of connecting the dots, the book emphasizes that there have been only three beginning assumptions (or lenses) for viewing Reality in the history of the world. Reality is assumed to be phenomenal, ontological or relational; the logic germane to each view generates a very different landscape. The book contrasts all three, but will concentrate on the relational (religious) approach to Reality since it is the view most unfamiliar to the West. Our ontological take on Reality is inherently idolatrous (image-bound). Perceiving relation as the core feature of Reality is seen as the path to the amazing treasure that is as close as you are to yourself. But, insight into the relational core of Reality requires an understanding of all three mutually exclusive beginning assumptions about Reality at play in the world today.

About the Author
Richard Currier is a priest and instructor in the field of social science. He has authored several books on the subject of self-discovery, including God as My Other Self and Forming a Small Christian Community. His entry on the subject of self-discovery in the 1972 Chicago International Film Festival was awarded first prize. He is currently working in a foundation for the homeless (found on the worldwide web as the Loaves and Fishes Unlimited Foundation). The thrust of this organization is that homelessness is about more than a roof over your head, it is about coming home to who you are through sharing with your neighbor.

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